Train in the same gym as kickboxing legend Peter Aerts!

Do you want to train in the same gym and kickboxing legend Peter Aerts? The Colosseum Gym is a specialized sports academy based in Utrecht. We have professional training facilities where both recreational and professional kickboxers can train. Retired kickboxing legend Peter Aerts, also known as the Dutch lumberjack, also trains in our gym.

Kickboxing Holland like Peter Aerts

The Colosseum is a sports academy in Utrecht (centre of Holland) specialized in the disciplines: kickboxing, MMA and Fast Fit. Our academy is very accessible for everyone, both recreational and competitive athletes. Men and women, young and old, overweight or skinny, everyone is welcome at The Colosseum in Utrecht.

Kickboxing Peter Aerts

Who is Peter Aerts?

Peter Aerts is a former Dutch kickboxer, nicknamed the Lumberjack due to his powerful lowkicks. As a three-time winner of the K-1 World Grand Prix tournament, he is widely regarded as one of the best kickboxers of all time. Peter Aerts has had extensive training at our gym in the past and is still a regular visitor.

Do you want to be a kickboxing legend too? Then joining our gym is a good first step!

Why kickboxing in Holland at The Colosseum?

  • We are a big gym, with over 400 m2 and professional training facilities;
  • The Colosseum has a floor with mats, punching bags, boxing ring, a power angle and all other tools;
  • The Colosseum has professional trainers available for kickboxing in Holland;
  • Learn kickboxing like Peter Aerts;
  • The first lesson is free!

Become a master of the martial arts

The Colosseum Gym is specialised in various disciplines in the martial arts: kickboxing, Fast Fit and MMA. Feel free to join us for a lesson. The first lesson is completely free. If you enjoyed it you can sign up for more lessons.

Our gym emphasises respectful kickboxing. Respecting the rules and your opponent is vital if you want to become as successful as kickboxers like Peter Aerts. We push all our members to learn with each other and from each other.

Contact us for more information

Do you have any questions about our gym or are you interested in joining? Come kickboxing in Holland at The Colosseum. For questions please call 030 - 303 10 65 or come by our location in Utrecht. We’re happy to show you around in our gym.

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