The Colosseum

Kickboxing in Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Colosseum is a sports academy that specialises in kickboxing. Our objective is to make this sport more accessible. Our academy creates a very low threshold, making everyone feel at ease, from amateur to professional. All disciplines are undertaken in our professional training facilities. We have a 400-m2 training area fitted with a mat floor, punch bags, a boxing ring and a power training corner. We also have all other resources need for the aforementioned disciplines.

All these disciplines are taught by people who have earned their marks in the various sports. Furthermore, all trainers are qualified sports teachers. Kickboxing is taught by Danny de Vries and Daan Kortland, who are the owners of the sports academy, Willem van der Mark, Jahfarr Wilnis, Ashwin Chan A Hung and Patrick van Ditmarsch.

If you are interested in one of the aforementioned sports, we recommend a free trial lesson!

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The Colosseum


The Colosseum is a sports academy that specialises in kickboxing and Fast Fit. Our objective is to make kickboxing more accessible.

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The Colosseum
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